8th October 2023


5 reasons you need to outsource your corporate recruiting

For businesses big and small, hiring the right candidates is the most important decision employers can make. High-level talent can be found across all industries and ensuring you have the right resources in place for your corporate recruiting process is essential for onboarding highly skilled individuals into your company.

In theory, corporate recruiting is a straightforward experience. However, in practice, working through applications, contacting suitable candidates, assessing these candidates, and repeating the process for numerous roles can be time-consuming and resource-draining.

Today, we are reviewing how companies can benefit from outsourcing their corporate recruiting practices and how a professional recruiting partner can support their business in securing talented new hires.

Reduce the costs and time spent searching

In-house corporate recruiting can put a massive stain on the human resources department and your company budget. Expenditure can increase when a business is recruiting due to the costs of job board advertising, headhunting fees, and time spent monitoring these hiring methods. However, these methods don’t always get you the best candidates and may result in a high turnover of employees which means this type of recruitment can be high cost, with very little reward.

Outsourcing your corporate hiring operations removes the pressure from the in-house team and is more of a direct approach to recruitment than self-advertisement or job boards. A recruitment partner is also solely focused on finding the right candidate for your job post and has additional contacts that make sourcing these candidates a lot easier. This results in a faster turnaround, which ultimately lowers overall recruiting costs.

Access a wider range of high-quality candidates

Local job advertising means local candidates, but the talent pipeline doesn’t stop at the surrounding area of your business. High-quality candidates are everywhere and have credentials that can exceed your expectations and in time become a valuable addition to your team. With in-house advertising and recruitment processes, businesses may find their reach is limited which means fewer high-quality candidates.

The talent pipeline doesn’t end with local candidates and outsourcing your corporate recruiting allows you to have access to those more suited to the role. Outsourcing could even include the international market for larger corporations and can give hiring businesses more options and a competitive edge, due to the selection of candidates available and the opportunity to build up brand image in other countries.

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Get faster results 

With the average UK notice period being one month, companies need to work quickly to ensure that they get the best new candidates to fill empty roles and keep operations running smoothly. Traditional in-house hiring practices, especially for volume hiring, can be a long and drawn-out process, the recruiting and interviewing process can be extensive and time-consuming, and there is never any guarantee that the candidates are the right fit.

An outsourced recruiting process ensures that the best candidates are identified quickly. Professional recruiters are experts in setting up teams that are dynamic and have the required skills for every role.

Remove the strain of the hiring process from the in-house team

Hiring new, high-quality candidates is the next step in expanding your business and ensuring that your current in-house team is supported. However, a manual hiring strategy can cause strain in your busy team and has the potential to disrupt their day-to-day task lists. This can particularly affect the HR department which has many core responsibilities that are usually time-sensitive.

Outsourcing your business recruitment frees up time for your team to continue focusing on their daily tasks or creates additional time for them to develop their skills in other areas.

A new, professional perspective

Every member of your team has the skills that make them valuable in their position, but these skills may not be extended to conducting thorough interviews or volume-heavy recruiting strategies. Likewise, trying to train these skills into an established HR team can be expensive and time-consuming.

By working with an outside recruitment partner, you receive invaluable expertise and guidance about the job market, the latest hiring methods, and how best to retain new candidates, all from a highly trained individual that understands every step of the recruitment journey.

Start your recruiting process now with Penshaw View

Corporate recruiting is a difficult but rewarding venture that all businesses will inevitably undertake and simplifying the process with help from a specialist recruitment team can help your business in immeasurable ways.

Penshaw View supports businesses across the country by securing the best candidates and ensuring that their skills are right for the job role through exceptional training and practical work experience that prepares candidates for the working world.

Put your corporate recruitment strategy into the hands of the professionals and contact our team today!

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