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‘‘Since starting my apprenticeship I have implemented new changes and procedures within work which management have now agreed to and signed off which has benefited the business’’ Sarah Cobham- Business Administration Level 2


“So far, my experience of doing the apprenticeship has been both an enjoyable one and a challenging one. Before I started the apprenticeship I had been looking for something in where I could learn something new as I felt I needed to challenge my brain a little as it had been a while since I had learnt something new, so I had been into what college courses where available, however I was struggling to find a course which worked around my lifestyle and work so when I was recommended the apprenticeship in which I could do at work and develop my skills in the retail workplace, I knew this was an opportunity I could not turn down, its allowed me to do something I have wanted to do for a while in learning something new as well as gain a better understanding into the job I do, this also leaves the door open for me progress and hopefully move up the job ladder. It has come with a few challenges, sometimes finding the time can be an issue as I am also currently learning to drive but nothing major as the course is flexible, also passing my maths exam will be a challenge as it is not my strong point.

Overall, I would highly recommend this apprenticeship course to anyone who is looking to learn and develop themselves and in the workplace, its ideal for someone who maybe does not have the time to do a college course which can also be expensive. It also has a vast choice of business and retail courses so you can choose a course which best suits your job and level of understanding”. Steven Dennison – Retail Skills Level 2 – Wolsingham Store


“I am pleased with my staff for enrolling on to the course. I feel this is a good learning curve for them and will help them grow in work and their knowledge of what needs to be done and how things are handled. I believe the course should be taken into stronger consideration from employees in other stores as it is a great stepping point within the business and a strong subject to excel on. I feel that both David and Megan are keener to learn more at work and are repeatedly asking questions about how things are done”. Sharon Ramsden – Store Manager Whitehaven


‘’As a Store Manager, I have a team member who I advocated to that her experience of completing level 2 apprenticeship would be one of personal and professional value. My employee is a very confident employee in her role in the store. When I first advertised the apprenticeship she initially did not apply as she had a pre- conceived idea that as she was a more mature employee this would be a silly idea for her to restart education. After relaying her fears, she is now starting level 2. It has been a pleasure to listen to her excitement of learning once again. Her confidence was high; however, it has raised to another level as she now knows I believe in her and her capability as a valued member of the team. Her morale and enthusiasm has also raised since being enrolled on the course. I am still encouraging more team members to take part in this opportunity which has been given to them and hope to start another team member in the not so distant future”. Sarah Hounsome – Retail Management Level 3 – Hutton Rudby Store


”I recently competed the Qualification Level 3 Management. I found the course quite interesting and it was relevant to the job that I do at the minute within my company. I enjoyed the home learning and was able to learn at my own pace. I have put into practice a lot of the techniques I have picked up during the course.
My assessor, Kathryn, was able to provide support anytime of the day to me if requested by email or phone and on attendance to GPI, explained what was required of me in certain modules. Her commitment was second to none.
I recommend Penshaw Training to any employer for their consistent performance and support” John Mcgarry – Graphic Packaging International

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