9th April 2024

Health & Safety

How IOSH health and safety courses can help you to lead, manage and work safely

IOSH health and safety courses are beneficial to businesses, supplying high-quality training to managers, leaders and staff in all sectors and industries.

This blog explores three different courses, which stimulate a more motivated, safer and strategic workforce. The three courses are: Leading Safely, Managing Safely, and Working Safely.

What is an IOSH Health and Safety course?

IOSH health and safety courses help to ensure health and safety remain a priority in the workplace, training team members to ensure they are prepared to tackle risk. The industry-recognised qualifications allow you to lead, manage and work safely, providing you with all the necessary tools and knowledge. The courses are made for any sector and can be tailored to specific industries and roles, ensuring you and your workforce get the most out of the training.

IOSH adds value to your organisation and workforce, as the courses upskill team members and inspire future leaders. IOSH’s mission is to make work safer and healthier, by encouraging world-class professional standards. The courses encourage improved well-being and sustainability by activating change through high-quality training programmes.

Leading Safely

The Leading Safely IOSH health and safety course is specifically constructed for those in leadership roles within the organisation. It teaches the importance of health and safety – a message intended to be led from the top of the company and filtered down throughout the working practices of the whole organisation, as 70% of employees’ motivation is influenced by the manager.

This course provides practical knowledge and strategic solutions for leadership roles, aiming to encourage a well-managed organisational culture. This specific IOSH course aligns with the global models of safety and has been designed in collaboration with business leaders, to ensure the ultimate suitability of the training.

Health and safety courses, such as Leading Safely, help to mould more effective leaders by covering leadership behaviour, responsibilities and improvements. The course also teaches those in leadership roles how to evaluate, control and reduce risks to ensure a safer workplace and increase productivity and well-being.

By emphasising the importance of health and safety, injuries, payouts, repairs and sicknesses will likely drop within organisations, resulting in lower level strain on budgets, staff, and overall operations. This is vital, as sick absences cost UK businesses £15 billion per year. Therefore, our IOSH Leading Safely course plays a key role in maximising productivity and cost reduction, leading to sustainable growth.

The IOSH Leading Safely course covers:

  • What is Safety and Health?
  • What does Safety and Health mean for different leadership roles?
  • What are the responsibilities of different leadership roles?
  • What does effective Safety and Health leadership look like?
  • How can leaders make improvements?
  • What are the benefits of effective Safety and Health leadership?

Two workers in a factory practising health and safety.

Managing Safely

Managing Safely is another IOSH health and safety course, which is directed at those in managerial and supervisory roles. This market-leading course teaches the importance of health and safety in day-to-day practice and provides managers with the knowledge and tools required to take practical action, take responsibility, and control and mitigate risks.

The engaging, jargon-free course is crucial for creating a safe workplace culture. By ensuring your staff are safe and healthy, the engagement and productivity in your organisation are expected to rise.

IOSH’s globally recognised Managing Safely course ensures managers are geared up for daily risks and challenges, and our fantastic trainers help to support managers in feeling confident and prepared for challenges.

Completing one of our IOSH health and safety courses is not only beneficial to the manager but to the wider organisation. Having structured health and safety organisational plans, combined with knowledgeable managers, provides all employees with a sense of security. Not only does this training help with legal safety compliance, but it also helps on a practical level regarding motivation and cost management.

The IOSH Managing Safely course covers:

  • How to assess risks within the business
  • How to control risks within the workplace
  • What are the Safety and Health responsibilities for managers?
  • How to understand and manage hazards
  • How to investigate incidents within the workplace
  • How to measure and improve Safety and Health performance

Working safely

Designed for everyone in the organisation, the IOSH Working Safely course is a high-impact course suitable for any level of employee, in any sector. This course prepares employees for the workplace by teaching them what they need to know regarding hazards, risks, safety and health.

Working Safely highlights the importance of taking accountability and working in safe practice, so workers protect themselves and others.

Unlike alternative courses, the IOSH health and safety course is engaging, fun and enjoyable as it is hands-on and can be completed in just one day. Upon completion, staff will be awarded an IOSH certification and Site Passport Card, both of which contribute towards staff and organisational compliance with health and safety regulations.

Investing in staff wellbeing and knowledge is a huge motivating factor for completing this course. The skills and knowledge developed from training and learning can help staff perform their jobs more effectively and safely. By investing, current employees will be encouraged to stay with the company as their development and safety is prioritised. As a result, they will be working in a more safe and pleasant environment, with a clear understanding of what is expected of them and how to work safely.

Additionally, investing in training can encourage new candidates to join the company, as they know there will be opportunities to use and develop their skills with the company. Research has shown that investing in training can increase creativity and innovation within the workplace 3.5 times over!

The IOSH Working Safely course covers:

  • What is occupational Safety and Health?
  • What are hazards and risks?
  • What are common hazards in the workplace?
  • How to improve safety performance

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Leading, managing and working towards a safer workplace

IOSH health and safety courses are crucial for compliance, productivity, responsibility and, of course, health and safety standards! Our course leaders make sure the courses you invest in are enjoyable, engaging and useful to ensure your staff and organisation can reap the benefits.

All of our IOSH health and safety courses can be tailored to different roles, sectors and industries. The globally recognised courses can be taken face-to-face or online, making it flexible for busy schedules.

Get in touch today to access the benefits of leading, managing and working safely with our IOSH health and safety courses.

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