27th October 2023


Limited Application Intake? Here are 4 Reasons Your Hiring Process is Failing

The hiring process can be a stressful, time-consuming process for corporations in any sector. The amount of resources required during the recruitment process can quickly inflate beyond negotiated budgets and then facing challenges like limited application intake can cause a strain on the entire business.

Limited application intake can indicate more than just a slow candidate market, it can be a direct result of a recruiting strategy that is not fully developed or less developed than competitive brands in the market who are claiming the best candidates.

To get a better understanding of where business owners are going wrong with their hiring strategy, here are four of the common errors businesses make when recruiting.

Limited student & learner outreach

Did you know the next generation of employees is already looking for corporate opportunities?

Studies show that almost 3 million individuals join university-level courses a year, which is a large market of potential future employees that businesses are missing when searching for candidates. These candidates will come with an education expertise in their fields and essential knowledge that could be beneficial for the business.

However, if fulfilling a role within your industry is essential, apprenticeship schemes offer a host of benefits. With apprenticeship participants on the rise and entry-level positions being of high priority for these types of learners, businesses that have yet to incorporate a strong apprenticeship scheme are missing out on valuable members of the team.

Lack of collaboration with already established employees

Untapped potential and expertise could already be within your team and assessing this for a new role could be a credit to your business.

Limited application intake will not be a factor in this instance as any hiring documentation or resumes of your current workforce will already be on file. Reassessing your team internally will make the recruiting experience a lot faster and cheaper as it removes any need for job ad marketing or prolonged interviewing.

If there are no individuals on your team who can fill this role, you can still make them aware of this upcoming role and incentivise them to share with qualified friends or other professional contacts. Personal acclamations from your team can attract a variety of high-quality candidates who may already be familiar with your business and brand.

Your job ad lacks reach

The right target audience is more than a marketing term, it is an important facet to consider when implementing your recruitment strategy.

In regards to recruitment, your ad reach depends on the target audience you’re searching for. Depending on the role and sector, individuals may need to demonstrate the necessary values, skills, qualifications, or work experience to be considered for the position.

Deciding what these conditions look like in your industry and what is necessary for the role is an important step to consider as your target candidates may not resonate with a job advert that exceeds their qualifications or, similarly, is beneath their candidate value.

By building a candidate persona, your HR team will be better equipped to write a job ad that appeals to the target audience and limited application intake will become an issue of the past.

You’re not working with professional recruitment providers

Not all HR departments can undertake extensive hiring processes, and that’s okay! However, businesses with limited application intake should consider external recruitment services to get a better picture of the job market.

Finding the right talent for businesses always starts with a good hiring plan and output. By outsourcing your hiring strategy, businesses will have better access to national and international job markets, while also having the support of professional individuals who are experts in providing the best candidates for your team.

Let limited application intake be an issue of the past

A well-implemented hiring strategy can bring credibility, profitability, and better candidates to your business team – that’s why it’s important to get it right!

Whether you’re concerned about your business’s limited application intake or the strain that recruiting can bring to your business, finding the right strategy and working with a professional recruitment team can give you peace of mind.

The Penshaw View team are recruitment experts and provide professional allocation for the best candidates into businesses across the UK.

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