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Breaking News…Successful proctor exam achieved!

Our first remote exam was a massive success! Our apprentice achieved his maths functional Skills...

Hear what our Safety Apprentice, Sean Neaves has to say after successfully completing our first remote exam…

“My whole experience with Penshaw View has been nothing but positive since I started my apprenticeship last September and has opened my eyes to just how much technology that either didn’t exist or was in its infancy when I was last in education has changed how we can learn and teach. Tom, my trainer, has been brilliant throughout, always there at the end of an email or phone if I need anything, and has helped improve my knowledge of Health and Safety immensely over the last six or so months and it’s been a boon for both my confidence and my manager, who can give me more responsibilities as my understanding grows.

When the current lockdown was brought in right in the middle of my preparation for the maths exam, I expected to have to wait until things got back to normal to actually sit it, but much as it’s allowed so many to work from home during this crisis, modern technology allowed me to sit the exam from the comfort of my own home, the invigilator monitoring me through screen-sharing, webcams and my own mobile phone. It made the exam feel more like one of the revision sessions on SmartVLE than the actual exam.”

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