21st February 2024

Company Updates

Penshaw View maintains Matrix Standard accreditation

The Penshaw View team are delighted to announce that we have successfully maintained our Matrix Standard accreditation for 2024.

We first received the accreditation back in 2022, when we demonstrated our commitment to excellence and quality in an assessment measured across four main areas: leadership and management; resources; service delivery; and continuous quality improvement.

What is The Matrix Standard?

The Matrix Standard, owned by the Department for Education, is a national quality standard for information advice and guidance (IAG) services.

It assists organisations in assessing and measuring their services to ensure they provide a high service standard to their customers.

The Standard’s quality framework encourages the effective delivery of high-quality services by requiring businesses to review, evaluate and develop their services alongside developing their employees.

Maintaining this accreditation is a recognition of our ongoing commitment to delivering high standards of quality through our IAG services and demonstrates our knowledge within and passion for the industry.

How did we maintain it?

An assessment was conducted by an examiner to analyse the development areas identified in our initial assessment and review the actions we had taken to improve our services based on their previous recommendations.

We were able to maintain this accreditation by making the following improvements:

  • Developing an agreed-upon set of values for our company and informing employees and learners about them through our website.
  • Reviewing the IAG policy as part of a wider quality standard review.
  • Improving accessibility to our IAG policies by adding them to the website. We will also be introducing a portal function for employers and key stakeholders.
  • Distributing employer surveys every quarter to provide insight into the support that our training is providing.
  • Adding an ‘About‘ section to our website to help potential clients understand who we are and what we stand for.

One of the most valuable aspects of this process is how it has assisted us in identifying areas for development. We implemented the suggestions that were outlined in our previous assessment and used them to update our policies, feedback processes, and website features to provide our clients with a high-quality learning experience.

Our commitment to making these improvements was commended by the Matrix Standard. Through this assessment, and our delivery of various professional training courses, we once again have demonstrated our ability to provide high-standard IAG support to customers.

We will continue to deliver outstanding Matrix Standard service that connects people to a world filled with career opportunities, inspires them to dream big, and empowers them to reach their full potential.

You can learn more about the Matrix Standard here.

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