Assessing your procedures to build a safety strategy for you.

Businesses need to have health and safety procedures in place to protect employees and the workplace environment. Risk assessments, fire safety, and appropriate HR procedures are essential for safeguarding businesses. In some cases, businesses will require a solution that is more complex than standard and needs to be tailored to their industry and that’s where we come in.

At Penshaw View we can build a package that works for you, fits into your schedule and helps you to adhere to national guidelines. By outsourcing your needs to our team, you can use your time and resources elsewhere while we take care of assessing what solutions will work best for you. 

If you work in an industry that requires specialist solutions or a course bespoke to your sector, we can manage this for you. Let us use our expertise to support your company to keep your employees safe and your business compliant with health & safety regulations. 


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Our in-house team are more than happy to discuss your unique business requirements and build a bespoke solution for your team.

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How can Penshaw view support your business?

Our team can provide you with advice on which solution is best for your business when it comes to health & safety. We offer a range of services that go beyond generic topics.

Risk Assessment & Management

We identify potential and actual risks within your business and provide you with the most cost-effective and appropriate solution tailored to your requirements.

Training & Education

We provide your employees with all of the tools and knowledge they need to upskill and stay on top of all changes to workplace health & safety regulations.

Tailored Consultancy

We review your current health & safety processes and recommend how you can improve and adapt to ensure the efficiency of your business.


We assess your business for potential risks, helping you to identify gaps in your procedures and adhere to industry regulations relevant to your business.


We help you to improve upon existing knowledge and implement new safety measures to keep your workplace and employees safe.

Incident Management

We support you in managing workplace incidents and suggest corrective actions to prevent repeat future occurrences and safeguard your employees.

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