20th September 2023


The first SHE technician in the UK to complete the End Point Assessment

At Penshaw View we are dedicated to providing the best apprenticeship opportunities and learning experiences to all our learners, and we are always delighted when a member of our team exceeds their learning progress and achieves a major success.

Anna Gaughey, an employee studying our Safety, Health and Environmental Technician course, became the very first apprentice to complete her endpoint assessment*! Securing this high-level certification helped to extend her knowledge beyond the classroom and allowed her to apply her skills at a practical level.

*This end-point assessment was conducted with the support of Highfield Assessments.

We are extremely proud of Anna who has helped us demonstrate why quality training is important to learners at all levels in order to achieve the high-level qualifications they deserve. Currently, we have more than 100 in-house SHE technician apprentices enhancing their skills with us and working with large organisations such as Amazon to secure hands-on experience.

With opportunities growing in the Health and Safety industry, exciting times lie ahead for all of our apprentices and learners and we will continue to support their record-breaking achievements.

When asked about the value of her apprenticeship when working towards the completion of her end point assessment, Anna remarked:

“I would recommend completing the SHE to anyone who learns best through practical resources. Being able to complete my learning through work has allowed me to improve my knowledge, skills, and behaviours around health and safety. I can’t believe I’m the first SHE learner to complete this credit in the country, I hope there are many more to come!”

SHE and encouraging diversity in the workplace

Whilst all our courses are available to those of any gender expression, it’s hard to ignore that the majority of the members in our practical apprentice programmes like Safety, Health, and Environmental or Warehouse Logistics are men.

With more opportunities becoming available through apprentice programmes and jobs that require high levels of skilled workers, now is the perfect time to consider joining an apprentice course.

Training for trade careers can provide everyone with opportunities to learn vital skills that can be applied to the workspace and other areas of their lives. While learning, students will have access to expert insight and gain qualifications that can put them leagues ahead of their future colleagues, allowing them to feel confident when entering male-dominated workspaces.

Like Anna, those entering the workforce through apprenticeship programmes have a huge sense of accomplishment and understanding of the space, which can lead to plenty of success for apprentices and workplace owners alike.

How Penshaw View can help you achieve

Whether you want to achieve extraordinary skills for your career path or want to change your skill set completely, we can help!

With years of experience supporting apprentices in their pursuit of education and providing practical, hands-on courses to ensure each learner is working at their preferred level, we continue to push for excellence with every course we provide so our students know they’re getting the best.

Join the hundreds of students already pursuing their careers in a practical way, contact us about the courses we have on offer now!

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