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Penshaw View SHE Success Highlighted in IOSH Magazine

Penshaw View’s SHE apprenticeship offers a bespoke experience to all employers; apprenticeships are

Penshaw View’s SHE Technician Level 3 Apprenticeship success has been highlighted in IOSH Magazine. You can view the article here.

Let’s talk about the Level 3 Safety, Health and Environment Technician Standard or what is also known as ‘SHE’.  

SHE is an apprenticeship which differs from academic pathways and offers an alternative to the NEBOSH National General Certificate, as it offers more practical elements which allows the learner to demonstrate a range of outstanding safety knowledge, skills and behaviours within their own working environment. These skills are developed over the course of the apprenticeship using learning interventions with our trainers.

Penshaw View are the first training provider in the country to have an apprentice complete the end point assessment while studying the SHE apprenticeship. You can now see why their high-quality training provision leads the market for this qualification. As market leaders, they have a 100% pass rate for SHE apprentices, 78.1% of those achieving distinctions, with 64% being female. You could say that they put the ‘she’ into SHE.

Penshaw View’s SHE apprenticeship offers a bespoke experience to all employers; apprenticeships are tailored around specific company policies, risk assessments, legislations and procedures. Due to this, apprentices are then able to evaluate procedures in the workplace, and subsequently, able to generate and implement changes. This allows apprentices to take on more responsibility and to excel in the workplace, thus resulting in a return of investment for the employer.

Their unique tripartite method of involving the apprentice, employer and trainer also maximises results and allows the apprenticeship to run smoothly. Trainers teach apprentices the knowledge-based topics, while mentors are facilitated to teach the apprentice skills and behaviours they require in the workplace. Current feedback shows their method has allowed apprentices to get more out of their apprenticeship and enhanced their overall learning.

So what do employers and apprentices themselves think about Penshaw View’s SHE apprenticeship? To gain insight we interviewed James, a distinction-level achiever of the SHE apprenticeship, and his line manager, Carol from Shredall, who was also his mentor throughout the programme.

What was your experience like being James’ mentor during the SHE apprenticeship programme? 

Carole: While being James’ mentor, I have enjoyed seeing him develop and mature into a confident, reliable and independent specialist within the business. He has listened and learned from staff in our Compliance Department as well as Trainers at PV. One exceptional highlight was seeing James step up to the podium as the 2019 Apprentice of the Year at the East Midlands Chamber, Nottingham Business Awards.

Has James’ SHE apprenticeship work helped with any specific scenario or process in the workplace?

Carole: Definitely! James has been instrumental to a number of projects, spanning from identification of critical suppliers in various departments, through to a special interest in accident and incident investigation and then taking responsibility for driving through additional actions or control measures where necessary. As such, James has been directly responsible for launching additional training initiatives across the business.

Do you feel the SHE apprenticeship has helped you with your aspirations for the future, and do you know what you would like to do next?

James: Yes, the SHE apprenticeship has really helped me with my aspirations for the future. My plans are to continue my work at Shredall SDS Group within the Compliance Department. We have lots of projects on the horizon, so I will be able to put my newly developed skills to good use. Within the next 18 months, I plan to research further training I could complete, such as a Level 6 course. For anyone unsure about what they would like to do with their future, I highly recommend looking into apprenticeships! The value you get is so beneficial for any individual’s future.

How was your experience working with Penshaw View?

Carole: The Penshaw View team (from relationship manager through to trainers) has supported Shredall SDS Group and James, our apprentice, throughout the apprenticeship journey. James passed with flying colours earlier this year and is now an integral part of the team. I’d recommend Penshaw View and their SHE Technician apprenticeship scheme to anyone looking to grow talent from within the work environment. Thank you Penshaw View!

To enrol or enquire about the SHE apprenticeship, give Penshaw View a call 0330 223 6144, drop us an email at [email protected] or visit our website.

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