18th August 2023

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Why should businesses be outsourcing their health and safety?

Every business owner knows how crucial health & safety operations are to the legality and reputation of their company. However, establishing a reliable network of operations and installing the correct training can be difficult. That’s where outsourcing your health and safety system comes in.

By outsourcing, you get the benefits of both competency and experience in health & safety for a fraction of the cost of permanent hires. We pride ourselves on helping our clients keep their people safe through continuous improvement of their health and safety management system. This blog will explore the full range of benefits that outsourcing your health & safety can bring.

Legal expertise

In the UK, the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations (1999) states that all employers are required by law to have at least one full-time person, depending on the size of the business, appointed to handle any health & safety incidents or issues in the workplace. As such, it is imperative to act according to this legislation and implement the correct contacts and training for the staff.

While it may seem like training one of your staff members to fulfil this role or recruiting a full-time H&S individual is the most cost-effective way to address this issue, it can quickly become expensive and time-consuming due to the investment required to complete the necessary training.

Furthermore, depending on the size and purpose of the business, most companies do not need the input of a full-time health and safety expert. This is where outsourcing comes in as most services offer more flexibility and bespoke input which ensures that you receive the right amount of support when you need it and less when you don’t.

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Save time

Carrying out risk assessments and creating the right protocols for your business can be a time-consuming process.

An in-house H&S team requires continuous training, evaluations, and re-educating any time a new policy and procedure is expected to be circulated throughout the company. If this is not fulfilled, it can cause disputes and misinformation that can cause costly incidents. This layered process can cause business owners to become distracted from their business goals and growth.

Outsourcing your health and safety requirements empowers your team to focus more on their main tasks and responsibilities, dedicating their time to growing the company and leaving the issues of H&S to the professionals. Expert service providers have the vital knowledge and experience to efficiently handle risk assessments, training, incident reporting, and ongoing compliance without interfering with the busy company schedule, allowing for more focus and efficiency in your organisation.

Save money

The additional cost of hiring or training a full-time health & safety expert is vital but costly, especially for small start-up businesses.

Working with an H&S agency allows business owners to access the support and professional input they need without the expenses that can come with additional recruitment or training.

Bespoke safety services

By outsourcing your health & safety, you’re putting the safety of your staff and customers into expertly trained hands.

H&S providers have a deep understanding of national and local requirements so your business will continue to conform to the legal standards and be flexible enough to work proactively and adapt to any changes in your sector.

Likewise, when you outsource your H&S practices, you are getting bespoke expertise that can be tailored to the requirements of your business and aligns with the values you want to promote for your staff and potential customers.

Health & safety service providers will take the time to understand your business requirements and strive to administer the best solutions. With this tailored service, your team can have peace of mind that any incidents will be correctly covered and handled by highly-trained professionals.

Ready to outsource your health and safety processes?

Penshaw View can provide valuable H&S services for a variety of businesses across the North East. We are a highly trained team who pride ourselves on helping our clients keep their people safe through continuous improvement of their health and safety management systems.

For a second opinion, RESQ is one of our retained clients and they have outlined below the benefits of using Penshaw View as their chosen Health and Safety Consultant. Debbie Charlton (Head of People) at RESQ notes:

“We have used Penshaw View Health and Safety services for over 3 years now and they have supported the business in a scope of Health and Safety matters. If we have any issues, we have a specific point of contact available and on hand to answer any queries and questions giving appropriate advice and guidance.

“Having a support mechanism in PV means we don’t need an employed full-time Health and Safety team, therefore this is cost-effective to our business whilst still satisfying our Health & Safety requirements. Having an H&S support specialist with outstanding knowledge and expertise means Health and Safety are covered here at RESQ.

“PV offers an inclusive package, whether that’s e-learning training courses or face-to-face support, so I don’t need to go anywhere else. To date, PV has supported RESQ in developing policies and procedures around Lone Working, ensuring risk assessments are suitable and sufficient, carrying out site inspections and reviewing fire evacuation plans. Their advisors are so approachable and always happy to help.

“I can’t recommend using them enough!

Contact us for more information on our services and get valuable expert advice for your business today!

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