4th September 2023

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Empowering your workforce: The key benefits of tailored training

Tailored training is a great way to minimise skills gaps within a workforce whilst ensuring a consistent and uniform approach to learning within your organisation.

This type of training is specifically designed for a company or organisation and is created with the needs of that particular company in mind.

Therefore, tailored training that is bespoke to your organisation can meet your unique capability needs in alignment with your business strategies or desired outcomes.

In this post, we are going to take a look at the benefits of tailored training for your team and how it can boost overall efficiency within your business.

 Adapt learning to suit your workforce

Tailored training allows you to adapt your learning and training plan to suit a variety of individuals, making it more likely that your workforce will engage throughout the entire process.

There are four key learning methods classified as Vark Modalities which are split into Visual, Aural/Auditory, Read/Write, and Kinesthetic. Therefore, all workplace learning can’t be tailored to one learning method over another as this won’t necessarily suit all employees.

By implementing a tailored training programme you can incorporate a variety of elements including presentations, group work, or individual study to ensure every participant is getting the most out of each training session.

In turn, this increases the likelihood of those attending the sessions putting what they have learned into practice during their day-to-day roles.

By choosing a bespoke programme you can decide which skills you would like the learning to be focused on, allowing you to tailor the course to your industry as well as the required health and safety regulations.

This helps to ensure all learning is a meaningful and productive use of time as skills learnt can be applied directly to your business and enhance each team member’s professional development.

Empower your team members

Aside from developing skills and informing your workforce, there are less tangible but equally crucial benefits to tailored training programs such as empowering your workforce.

Tailored training is built around the strengths and weaknesses of your team meaning there will be a balance of empowering your team to showcase what they are skilled in along with time to work on areas for improvement.

This helps your employees to feel valued for their skills and knowledge and equally allows them to progress in areas that they are lacking in confidence.

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Choose a cost-effective option

Although it may seem that in-house training is the more cost-effective option as there is no need to hire any third parties and you can utilise your qualified team members to carry out training, this isn’t always the case.

Using your in-house team members to conduct training can end up requiring more time and costing more in the long run as they will be required to provide training alongside their day-to-day responsibilities.

This can lead to poor-quality training being delivered in bursts over longer periods and can result in team members requiring further recaps which can take up more valuable time.

By embarking on a tailored training journey you can rely on a hired professional to dedicate their time to providing high-quality training to ensure your team can develop their skills whilst remaining in control of their responsibilities.

Gain access to new markets

Outsourcing your training needs gives employees the chance to learn from professionals from different cultures with different values, giving them a new perspective on their job and ways of working.

This inevitably provides pathways into new markets as your team will have the ability to think outside of the box and view situations from the client’s perspective, therefore tapping into a wider range of audiences.

How Penshaw View can help

Our team at Penshaw View have delivered Tailored Training programmes to several businesses for over 10 years.

We have received extremely positive feedback from participants, as our programmes are related to their working environment and this was the case for one of our health and safety clients, Salamander Pumps.

We delivered an IOSH Managing Safely course on-site at the company’s HQ in Sunderland to a room full of their Senior Management team and the main requirement was for the course to be tailored to them.

Our team of consultants met with the team before the course start dates and reviewed the health and safety documentation including their H&S policy, existing risk assessments and accident investigation processes. This helped us to embrace the culture of the company and ethos which in turn helped us to confidently discuss what they were doing well and what they could do differently whilst remaining compliant.

Technical Director of Salamander Pumps, Gareth Richards. said: “Penshaw View has recently delivered a bespoke IOSH Managing Safely course to a number of our Senior Management team members, and we felt that the training was both interactive and enjoyable, and we certainly got a lot out of the three days. The delivery from Kevin was first class and professional, with all delegates leaving engaged in Health & Safety while ensuring a uniform message was taken away.”

If your company requires a tailored training programme to ensure your team develop the right skills and attitude while remaining compliant, get in touch with the Penshaw View team today.

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