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Finding your way back into work or into a new role can be an overwhelming process without the right support. Penshaw View uses grant funding to provide both employed and unemployed individuals with short training courses ranging from 1 day to 3 weeks to help move the upskilling process along. 

Whether you require additional training on specific software or equipment to succeed in your current role or need to start from scratch to build up your CV, we have a wide range of courses that can help.

Our team will support you through the application process, helping to match your skills to job vacancies and setting you up for interview success.

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Our in-house team are more than happy to discuss your situation, and how we can support your training journey and improve your skill set.

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What can Penshaw View offer your business?

Our knowledgable and experienced team provides advice and support to businesses on all aspects of human resources. This can include anything from recruiting and onboarding new employees to managing performance and developing training programs.

Recruiting & onboarding

We can help you to find the right candidates for your open positions and onboard those new employees efficiently.

Performance management

We can help you to develop and implement performance management systems that are both effective and fair.

Legal compliance

Our consultants can help you to comply with the ever-changing and complex world of employment law and regulations.

Training & development

We help you to develop and deliver training programs that meet the needs of your employees and your organisation.

Employee relations

We guide you in resolving employee relations issues such as conflict, harassment, and discrimination.

Strategic planning

We help you to develop and implement HR strategies that are aligned with your overall business goals.

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