18th October 2023


How to work with a recruitment partner to find a job that fits

As new job roles appear day by day, it can be overwhelming to identify the positions best suited to your skillset and experience. Working with a recruitment partner can help to take the pressure off, as they can provide advice, guidance, and support during your all-important job search.

Before enlisting the help of a recruitment partner, it’s important to find a team that understands you and the vision you have for your career. In this blog, we are looking at how to effectively work with a recruitment partner to find a position that suits you.

Research your potential partners with your goals in mind

With a wealth of options available, it’s important to research thoroughly and choose wisely when it comes to finding a recruitment partner to work with.

If you are looking to start, or continue, your career in a specific industry, it’s wise to seek out recruitment partners that specialise in matching candidates to sector-specific roles. For example, if you’re looking for c-suite positions to advance your way up the ladder or a graduate position in health & safety, some partners will work in niche areas that better suit your job search.

As well as being experts in recruitment in your industry, transparency is equally important. You deserve to be treated with respect and be exposed to suitable and exciting roles tailored to your expertise. A good partner will ensure that roles are identified with your skillset in mind as well as the employer’s needs, to create the appropriate match.

During your search for a recruitment partner, it’s important to speak to the team and get a feel for who they are. Answering questions and providing information about yourself is important, however, you need to feel confident that the company you’re working with prioritises your goals.

Sending your CV and cover letter aimlessly to businesses isn’t an effective recruitment strategy, so before starting your journey working with a recruitment partner you need to be sure they understand your vision for your career.

Ask the right questions and provide the right information

The recruitment and hiring process is built on a foundation of communication. Whether it’s discussions between yourself and your recruitment partner, or within the business searching for a candidate, asking the right questions and providing the right information is key.

When searching for a company to help ensure your job search is seamless, you need to understand what they offer and how they have an edge over others in the recruitment field.

During your initial discussion with potential recruitment partners, it’s essential to ask the following questions:

  • What kind of companies do you typically work with and in what sector
  • What type of positions do you generally advertise for
  • What does your specific job search and recruitment process entail
  • How do you source companies and screen them
  • How do you ensure quality and fit with roles

Additionally, starting up a discussion about previous case studies can give you an idea of how successful the company has been at ensuring candidates land roles suited to their passions and goals.

Once you have discovered all you need to know about your potential recruitment partners, and once you have chosen which company suits your job search best, it’s over to you.

To get the most out of working alongside a recruitment partner, you must provide as much information as possible about your job history. This includes previous places of work, training and development, skills, and experience to ensure the company you’re working with can accurately match you with new or upcoming positions.

Discussion between two peope and woman using hand gestures to make a point

Be specific and realistic with your career plan

If you’re a graduate and have worked full-time for 6 months, going full steam ahead and instructing your recruitment partner to match you with senior-level positions may not be the best course of action.

It’s important to be realistic about your career goals otherwise you will end up feeling disappointed when your recruiter struggles to find a position to meet your requirements.

It’s essential to be motivated and aspire to a new career level, but it takes time to get there. If you feel unsure about which roles would suit you best, working with a recruitment partner can help you sift through ideas and come up with a list of roles that meet your basic requirements and match your skill set.

There is always time and space to research jobs around the initial list, but it’s important to narrow your career plan down first.

Recruiting companies will have been extremely specific when listing for roles with your recruitment partner, so you must do the same for a better chance of matching with a position you are excited about.

Work with a recruitment team that understands you

If your recruitment partner doesn’t understand your values, skills, experience and goals, your new employer and position will not fit your career plan or suit your skill set.

Ultimately the company you choose should act as the middle-man between you and your potential employers. Before you even submit a CV or get invited in for an interview, you should have a good idea of the company you have applied for and know it’s the right fit for you.

Regardless of whether you land the position, each interview or hiring experience is valuable to you as your recruitment partner will have identified each company and role with your career plan in mind.

The team at Penshaw View prioritise your career goals, as well as the objectives of employers, to match candidates with roles that fit. We offer recruitment services for employers and candidates and support each group during the journey, ensuring candidates feel valued and employers’ goals are understood from start to finish.

For support with your job search or candidate recruitment, contact the Penshaw View team today.

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