22nd July 2023

Company Updates

Penshaw View receives Good from OFSTED

Penshaw View recently welcomed OFSTED into our organisation and we are pleased to announce that we were awarded a Grade 2: Good, across our entire company!

OFSTED inspect services providing education and skills for learners of all ages and this updated report recognises we are continuing to provide an excellent standard of teaching within our company.

Since our last OFSTED visit in 2018, our leaders have implemented recruitment and induction processes for apprenticeships which have resulted in a better retention rate overall.

Additionally, we have made significant progress in providing support that meets the needs of learners and employers and offered a remote online service throughout the pandemic and beyond.

The report also highlights that our leaders and managers are successful in supporting the upskilling of workforces and apprentices, selecting specific courses and training programmes to suit the needs of each business and individual.

OFSTED further recognised that our leaders and managers have made changes in order to improve the curriculum, highlighting the importance of key skills including English and Mathematics.

We are delighted with our feedback from the inspection team at OFSTED and will continue to work on the suggested improvements to continue providing the best possible learning and training environment for businesses and individuals.

Read our full report on the Ofsted website.

Penshaw View
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