16th August 2023


Want to progress your career? Enrol for an apprenticeship!

With more and more talented individuals entering the already competitive job market each year, practical experience and professional skills are key in setting yourself above the rest.

In this regard, apprenticeships offer a unique and valuable opportunity to gain hands-on experience while honing abilities that are desirable in the current and future job market. Enrolling on an apprenticeship course can provide an added skill boost for those who are looking to progress in their chosen career.

In this blog, we will highlight the numerous benefits of entering an apprenticeship and how employers can benefit from working with apprenticeship programmes to add necessary skills to their established workforce.

1. Growing professional skills

Apprenticeships serve as an excellent stepping stone for professionals of all calibres who are looking to build and expand their professional skills for their corporate careers.

Unlike traditional academic routes, apprenticeships offer a hands-on learning experience, allowing individuals to apply theoretical knowledge directly to real-life situations and incidents at the workplace.

This immersive learning process is perfect for those trying to grow their professional skill set as it not only enhances practical skills but also develops essential soft skills that are desirable, such as communication, problem-solving, and adaptability.

For apprentices entering the workplace for the first time, these kinds of direct entry courses provide the opportunity to work alongside experienced professionals with roots in the industry that can be shared. By passing on these skills and working with the team on daily tasks, apprentices begin their careers with a better understanding of the expectations in their chosen industry and learn from industry veterans.

As a mentor, corporate professionals have the chance to nurture their own skills and review their talents from a challenging and new perspective. By providing this type of guidance to the apprentices, industry professionals not only get the chance to accelerate their skill development but also instil confidence and self-assurance in apprentices as they progress in their careers.
Gill Roberts, Emerging Talent Lead and ESG Business Partner, spoke for Speedy Service on the benefits of incorporating apprentices into the workplace:

“Speedy is a huge advocate for apprenticeships as it allows us to bring in and develop new talent whilst also providing our existing colleagues with the opportunity to upskill and further develop in their careers.”

2. Levelling up your skills and getting promotions

Apprenticeships offer a clear pathway for skill development and career progression in many fields. As programmes begin to expand their offering, apprentices can develop skills that may make them more eligible for promotions and greater responsibilities within the organisation due to their understanding of the needs of the industry.

Participants of these types of programmes have more access to the industry expertise necessary for them to become familiar with the corporate ladder and how best to ascend this. This expertise comes from a variety of training programs, workshops, and seminars that enhance their technical knowledge and professional expertise.

During the course, individuals interact with a diverse group of colleagues, managers, and industry experts so they get crucial soft skills that can help them develop into brand leaders. This networking capability is not always found in more academic settings and can give individuals the chance to open doors to new opportunities and experiences to advance their careers.

Tarja Dubique, a recruitment partner for Speedy Services, provided their personal experience of an apprenticeship programme and how it helped them progress in their career:

“From starting my apprenticeship back in August of last year, I have really grown and developed within my career. My job role was a Recruitment Coordinator – but I had a deep desire to progress and become a Recruitment Partner. I knew that working on my apprentice programme would help but the amount I have learned has been incredible.

I now use all my skills in my day-to-day role. Which has been noticed by my manager. So, when a vacancy became available for a Recruitment Partner, I was offered this based on my knowledge, skills, and willingness to develop. This entire course has been a huge part of my development – and now I have my dream job.”

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3. Future-proofing your career and adding desirable skills to your CV

The job market is constantly evolving and the required skills in the workplace can change and develop even when you’re secure in a job. The introduction of technology and raised industry standards means that employers are searching for individuals who can shape their skills and are dedicated to developing a dynamic skill set even after they become part of the team.

Apprenticeship programmes are designed to align with industry needs and requirements and are flexible enough to be altered based on the necessary skills requested by select industries. By engaging in an apprenticeship, individuals gain access to the latest industry practices and advancements, ensuring their skills are up-to-date and relevant, which is desirable to employers.

Having an apprenticeship on a CV can also significantly enhance the individual’s appeal to potential employers as it shows a desire to expand skills, commitment to personal growth, and deeper dedication to understanding the industry’s needs. Employers often prioritise candidates with practical experience within the industry, and an apprenticeship can provide the edge needed to secure a coveted position.

Kate Williams from Sciensus, a home healthcare provider, has discussed the desirability of apprenticeship participants in the workplace and how it can add key skills to the future of the industry:

“At Sciensus, we feel it’s important to support and develop our colleagues by providing them with new opportunities to enhance their skills via the apprenticeship programs we can offer whilst learning on-the-job experience. This in turn future proofs our organisation through not only building career pathways but also succession planning and keeping individuals engaged and better equipped to perform their role.”

Penshaw View offers apprenticeships

Whether you’re hoping to improve your skill set to climb the corporate ladder, enter the job market with hands-on industry experience, or are a corporation looking to invest in an apprentice – we can help!

Apprenticeships can unlock a world of opportunities and ensure a bright and fulfilling career which is why we offer a variety of programmes to ensure that you get the most out of the course and are on the right path to the kind of career you want.

From human resources and recruitment training to warehouse & logistics and health & safety, to begin the next step of your career journey – get in touch!

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